Jun 062023

NOTICE – To All Thoroughbred Racing Participants

Phil has a question:

Is there a bigger joke in the province of Alberta than the brutal incompetence of Horse Racing Alberta led by Kent Verlik and Diana McQueen.

Do you apply a riding crop the same way as a Bob Baffert Ointment.

It has come to the attention of the Horse Racing Alberta (HRA) Regulatory Division Management that an Administrative Error has occurred with respect to the interpretation of Rule 210 t Use of Riding Crops.

On May 12, 2023 a Notice was issued to the Attention of All Jockeys respecting the Riding Crop Policy for 2023. The intent of the Notice was to inform all Jockeys of the correct use of the riding crop. The Notice introduced a change to Subsection (3)(d) of the rule as follows:

Rule 210 t Use of Riding Crops currently states:

(3)(d) Jockey may not apply the riding crop more than three (3) times in succession without giving the horse a chance to respond.

Rule 210 t Use of Riding Crops was amended to read:

(3)(d) Giving a horse a chance to respond is a minimum of three (3) strides with both hands of the jockey on the reins.

The Notice was issued without the proper approval of the HRA Regulatory Division Management, the Regulatory & Licensing Committee and the Board of Directors. In addition, the rule change was not done in accordance with HRA Regulatory and Licensing Policy No. RLP007 – Rule Change Procedure Policy.

As a result, the Order issued by the Board of Stewards is invalid and therefore rescinded. All rulings issued to Jockeys under the Riding Crop Policy will be repealed by the Supervisor of Racing and any fines paid by Jockeys will be refunded.

HRA will review Rule 210 t in accordance with the Rule Change Procedure Policy in November 2023 for potential implementation for the 2024 Thoroughbred Race meets at all “A” and “B” Flat Racing Tacks in Alberta.

The current rule 210 t as published on Horse Racing Alberta Website reads:

210 t Use of riding crops (amended 03/20)
(1) In a *race in which a *jockey will not ride with a riding crop; an announcement of that fact must be made over the public address system.
(2) Although the use of riding crop is not required, any jockey who uses a riding crop during a race must not apply to a *horse:
(a) On the head, flanks, or on any part of its body, other than the shoulders or hind quarters;
(b) During a post parade;
(c) Excessively or brutally, so as to cause welts or breaks in the skin;
(d) When the horse is clearly out of the race has obtained its maximum placing;
(e) Persistently, even though the horse is showing no response under the riding crop.
(3) Correct uses of the riding crops are:
(a) Showing horses, the riding crop before urging them,
(b) Using the riding crop in rhythm with the horse’s stride,
(c) Using the riding crop as an aid to maintain a horse running straight,
(d) Jockey may not apply the riding crop more than three (3) times in succession without giving the horse a chance to respond.


Phil has a question:

What does 210(t)(2) mean.

Who wrote that incoherent gibberish.

Is this the type of rule that National HBPA President Doug Daniels was referring to: “Regulations that lack scientific basis and are only intended for optics/public perception are doomed to fail.”

How much mincemeat would Baffert’s Battalion of Barristers make out of rule 210(t).

  One Response to “Horse Racing Alberta – NOTICE – To correct Error in Rule 210 t Use of Riding Crops”

  1. HRA 400k sham study about their modernized governance has 10 riding crop infractions rescinded for not following their oversight, comment chuck you!!

    CENTURY in their debtload woes 350 million US, issues a prospectus to raise 100 million in new stock,27 million stock float trading at 60k average per day, shows that their financial books are in terrible shape.

    Congratulations to silent Mike the new hbpa board rep, should help???

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