Jun 232023

AGLC – Decision – Capital City Casinos Ltd.


  One Response to “Camrose Casino Relocation Denial Appeal Dismissed”


    UCP 400k HRA governance study to remove political influence from board yields DOUG HORNER as the successful public candidate from October 2022 competition. The former agriculture and finance minister has had a 2015 hiatus since being canned in the Redford planegate scandal. POSITIVE news as a high profile government horse racing lobbyist and HRA doesn’t have any aircraft only horse power in the form of ponies and sulkies.

    HRA hide the board appointment with no mention only a reference in the downs harness program,resulted in email to Clark Kent and new board update.

    BETMAKERS rumoured 30 million Aussie handle will take a drastic downturn in 2023 with 6 new A USA tracks being offered with fixed odds. The explanation of the fact will be delayed November when the 2022 annual report gets posted.

    AGLC 41 page disclosure of casino relocation, did have item 47/51 mentioning the effect on HRA racino revenues, unlike Ace casino Calgary Airport relocation having a drastic effect on main bread winner Century Downs losing millions revenue.

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