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TDN – Thornton – Both Ortiz Brothers Get Days At Spa For ‘Careless Riding’

If you can’t beat ’em in the alley, you can’t beat ’em on the ice.

Conn Smythe

Careless Whisper

Phil has a question:

Does anyone in the thoroughbred industry in the US including HISA and HIWU understand what Alphabet Soup spoonful of letter governs what.

The United States is a nation of laws, badly written and randomly enforced.

Frank Zappa

Bloodhorse – Ehalt – Forte Edges Saudi Crown in Jim Dandy Photo Finish

TDN – Forte Survives Inquiry in Jim Dandy Thriller

TDN – Bill Finley – The Week in Review: With Forte Non-DQ, NYRA Stewards Owe Public an Explanation

Phil has a question:

What’s Repole’s opinion of the Saratoga Stewards after the Jim Dandy decision.

Equibase Chart:

FORTE came away in good order, dropped just off the pace on the initial straightaway, moved from the two path to the rail going around the first turn, was rated just off the pace, drafted inside while in the pocket behind the pacesetter on the far turn, was asked at the quarter-pole then came out and bumped ANGEL OF EMPIRE multiple times to create room into upper stretch, bumped again with that foe while turned out and given one pop of a left-handed crop inside the three-sixteenths then was carried out by the pacesetter, switched to a right-handed crop while gaining between foes inside the furlong marker, drifted in while getting to the runner-up late and got up to narrowly prevail. SAUDI CROWN moved in while coaxed to the front, saved ground on the first turn, was well rated while setting the pace, raced inside on the far turn, was asked inside the five-sixteenths, drifted out significantly inside the three-sixteenths, maintained a short lead under a right-handed crop while under attack into the final furlong, took a straighter course while in front into the final sixteenth, was carried in late and denied while able to get the place. ANGEL OF EMPIRE went three then two wide on the first turn, stalked the pace on the outside, was asked at the seven-sixteenths pole, chased in the two path on the far turn, was bumped multiple times by FORTE and nudged out into upper stretch, bumped again with that foe while carried out outside the furlong marker then came under a right-handed crop, fought outside of the top two into the final furlong, drifted in some late and missed but was clear for the show

Horse Racing Nation – Pedulla – Repole says he might exit racing unless changes are made

Phil has a question:

How many more wealthy owners can thoroughbred racing afford to lose.

How do you fix the hole in the bucket.

Is the question now when, not if.

This Mess We’re In

“We’re still waiting to hear what they decide,” said Mike Repole of Repole Stable. “They might have made a decision and haven’t told us. Who knows with them? The Gaming Commission is clueless.”

Bloodhorse – Connections Await Decision After Forte Hearing

Phil has a question:

What is zero.

Can Repole claim that because he’s Italian and Roman Numerals had no zero he should get Roman treatment.

The Absence Of The Concept Of Zero in Roman Numerals System

If I Were A Rich Man


Sunrise, Sunset

Bloodhorse – Ehalt – Forte Edges Saudi Crown in Jim Dandy Photo Finish

TDN – Forte Survives Inquiry in Jim Dandy Thriller

TDN – Bill Finley – The Week in Review: With Forte Non-DQ, NYRA Stewards Owe Public an Explanation

Phil has a question:

What’s Repole’s opinion of the Saratoga Stewards after the Jim Dandy decision.

TDN – Letter To The Editor: An Open Letter To The Horsemen

Los Angeles Times – Nevada sports books lose $6.6 million. Blame Stanley Cup win by Vegas’ NHL team

Ooh Las Vegas

Sometimes Phil just has to give in to the Urge.

Phil has a question:

How many Gen Xs and Zs know what that machine is.

Canada’s National Observer – Hatch – Zen and the art of not freaking out

In true dialogue, both sides are willing to change.

Thich Nhat Hanh

The Guardian- Beaumont-Thomas – ‘You hadn’t the guts to support her’: Morrissey decries music industry after Sinéad O’Connor’s death

The Athletic – Rome, Greenberg and Nesbitt – Astros reunite with reliever Kendall Graveman in trade with White Sox: Why Houston made the move

Now you may ask yourself why is Phil posting an article about a relatively minor baseball player transaction. Now you may tell yourself Phil is channeling Mattress Mack.

The Athletic – Ornstein – David Beckham, the interview: Miami, Messi, Manchester United – and more

My foundation now has some 120 football pitches laid out for children, a lot of them immigrants. We live in a multicultural society.

Johan Cruyff

Nessum Dorma

Nessum Dorma

Sometimes Phil just has to give in to the Urge.

Phil has a question:

Were you expecting sugar and spice from Phil.

Did Beckham ever consider Miami Spice with Crockett and Tubbs as spokesman.

Miami Vice

Study Finds – Even fans of the same music can have very different tastes, study explains

Gimme Sympathy

One After 909

Gimme Shelter

Don’t Let Me Down

Sympathy For the Devil

Frontiers in Psychology – Siebrasse and Wald-Fuhrmann – You don’t know a person(’s taste) when you only know which genre they like: taste differences within five popular music genres based on sub-genres and sub-styles

I don’t like country music, but I don’t mean to denigrate those who do. And for the people who like country music, denigrate means ‘put down’.

Bob Newhart

Forbes – Dellatto –  Barbie, Inc:

Phil has a question:

How could any right wingnut say anything bad about a movies that is unabashed capitalism with a shot of stock fraud.


Front Office Sports – Rumsey – Eyeing Younger Audiences, Golf Turns to New Broadcasters

Summer Dress

Vulture – Frank and Alter – Which Barbie Would Oppenheimer Be?

Games Without Frontiers

TDN – JN Campbell – A Jim Dandy Of A Graded Stakes Weekend

Summer in the City

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Dench – All eyes on Ascot for a Derby rematch in epic King George showdown

Boys of Summer

Garden and Gun – Vivian Howard’s Lessons in Rural Manners

Soak Up The Sun

Eating Well – 9 Healthy Alternatives to Chips That Are Crunchy and Satisfying

Cultivate Simple Delights – 41 Healthy Snacks to Replace Potato Chips

Phil has a question:

Where do I find these snacks in the local convenience store.

Paulick Report – Excessive Heat Forces Multiple Racing Cancellations Across Eastern U.S.

Garden and Gun – Five-Word Stories About Stifling Southern Summers 

Phil has a question:

Is it too fucking hot.

Summertime Blues

The Ringer – Garner – A Requiem for the Dead

Front Office Sports – Cohen – US-Netherlands Sets Women’s World Cup Group Stage Ratings Record

The Athletic – Michael Cox – Physicality in Women’s World Cup matches shows how quickly the game has moved on

If you can’t beat ’em in the alley, you can’t beat ’em on the ice.

Conn Smythe

Sports Business  Journal – USWNT draw sets group-stage viewership record

Phil has a question:

Can thoroughbred racing keep its place in the ever more crowded sports market.

Volvo Driving Soccer Mom

We are going to have to do something about all this violence, or people are going to keep buying tickets.

Conn Smythe

The Verge – Roth – Instagram flooded Threads with celebrities and brands at launch

Phil has a question:

Does anyone in western Canadian thoroughbred racing have a clue about social media marketing.

Does anyone in western Canadian thoroughbred racing understand that a post in Facebook covers only a small portion of social media.

Los Angeles Times – Sarah D. Wire – Trump is accused of trying to delete surveillance video in classified documents case

Phil has a question:

Is special prosecutor Jack Smith using the Blunderbuss method of charging – shoot enough shit at the wall and some is bound to stick.

If Donald Trump is still claiming that he won the 2020 election, doesn’t that mean that he won 2 terms as US President and can’t run for a third.

Walrus – Whittington-Hill – We Failed Amy Winehouse

Gold Dust Woman

If I exorcise my devils
Well my angels may leave too
When they leave they’re so hard to find.

Tom Waits

Heard It Through the Grapevine

Esquire – Marcelle Clements – Sinéad O’Connor, Uncensored

Southern Living – Locker – Coach Nick Saban Connects Grandma’s Cake Baking To The Process Of Selecting A New Quarterback

Short Skirt, Long Jacket

Sports Business Journal – North Carolina’s new approach to licenses for retail and mobile sports betting has teams, venues and sportsbooks sorting out the possible impact

Phil has a question:

When will the falsely labelled UCP’s get out of the online gambling business and turn it over to licensed private enterprise.

Paulick Report – Feinstein Seeks Clarification From Stronach Group On Planned Closure Of Golden Gate Fields

Canada’s National Observer – Existence of massive, ‘mind-blowing’ old-growth tree revealed in Clayoquot Sound

One Tree Hill

The Hockey News – Barry Beck Remembers His Son

The Ringer – Brian Phillips – Theory Will Take You Only So Far

The Ringer – Harvilla – ‘60 Songs That Explain the ’90s’: How Sinéad O’Connor Turned a Prince Song Into Her Classic

Sports Illustrated – Forde – Northwestern Hangs Interim Coach David Braun Out to Dry

Bloodhorse – Gearty – Trainer Jason Servis Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

Do It Again

CBC – Ore – What’s in a hot dog? Beef, pork, and a complicated history of class dynamics

Raw Dog

Devil Does Your Dog Bite

Nobody Puts Ketchup on a Hot Dog

Groomed by former Ontario horseman Bud Smith, Saxon Saga has now earned more than $55,000 at Assiniboia Downs in only four starts.

Canadian Thoroughbred – Jennifer Morrison – Manitoba: Saxon Saga’s Derby Trial Win Big for Wendy Anderson

Nothing Compares To You

Los Angeles Times – Kartje – Vince Iwuchukwu’s collapse helped prepare USC staff to treat Bronny James’ sudden cardiac arrest

Canadian Thoroughbred – Bigg – Bettor’s Edge #48: Leading Trainer’s Horses All Scratched

1994 Travers

NJ.com – Armstrong – Death at the Racetrack

Paulick Report – Voss: Racing Fatalities Are A Big Problem, But They’re Not The Sport’s Only Problem

TDN – Dan Ross – Proposed Berkeley City Council Ordinance Threat To Golden Gate Fields

Phil has a question:

How many race tracks could survive with the space requirements in the proposed Berkeley Ordinance.

Why doesn’t the Councillor who proposed the Ordinance directed at the thoroughbred industry propose a similar ordinance for dogs and cats.

Sports Illustrated – Richard Johnson – First Alleged Northwestern Hazing Victim Publicly Comes Forward as Lawsuits Expand Outside of Football


Canadian Thoroughbred – Spleiss – Understanding and Utilizing Nicking – Part I

Canadian Thoroughbred – Spleiss – Nicking Part II: The Foundation of Consistent Racing Success

If you’re one of the few Albertans left with any interest in Alberta thoroughbred racing you may have watched Peter M Brant’s filly, Big Brass Bed race evenly in Sunday’s Woodbine Oaks while you were helping to set a wagering record on Evergreen Park in Grande Prairie. One of her siblings will be coming to a sale close to you pretty soon as Esquirol Farms has acquired her dame, Precision Farming, who is in foal to Medaglio D’Oro’s son Higher Power.

Not a bad nick.

Higher Power – Precision Farming_eNicks

May not end up at a western Canadian Sale.

Stay tuned.

TDN – Arcangelo Works for Travers

ESPN – David Fleming – A mother’s vow to find a Dallas Mavericks Barbie leads to a worldwide chase

The Ringer – Derek Thompson – Oppenheimer: The Genius, the Film, and the Project That Changed the World

Los Angeles Times – Carras – ‘Barbie’ beats ‘Oppenheimer’ in record-breaking, industry-revitalizing showdown

The Ringer – The Barbenheimer Exit Survey

Barbie World

Barbie Girl

Digital Spy – Geisinger – Oppenheimer is more Jewish than you realise

But unfortunately for folks like Ginger Gaetz and Ted Cruz, this time around, it seems the number of people who are willing to shell out $20 to see Ryan Gosling in a studded leather cowboy vest is significantly larger than the number of people irate at a bunch of squiggles on a fake map.

The Independent – Burton – The real reason behind the Barbie movie backlash

Rolling Stone – EJ Dickson – The Right-Wing Backlash Against ‘Barbie’ Is Hilariously Flopping

Phil has a question:

Does a $155,000,000 opening weekend not speak volumes about what the viewing public thinks about the right wing backlash.

How the fuck can those brain dead right wing talking asshats complain about a movie that is one of the most blatant pieces of commercialism that Hollywood has ever made.

How many dolls and outfits did Mattel flog over the weekend.

Aren’t the right wingnuts more woke and cancel than what they claim the socialists are.

How many MAGATS would understand Oppenheimer.

Money For Nothing

Women’s Health – Witte – Breast Cancer Survivors Have Barbie’s Inventor, Ruth Handler, To Thank For Modern-Day Prosthetic Options

Screen Rant – McFarlane – Barbie Inventor Ruth Handler’s True Story & How She Named The Doll

Phil has a question:

How can the right wingnuts not love a movie about a doll that was created by a company that had securities fraud and tax evasion problems.

Southern Living – Emanuelli – 5 Rude Things People Do At The Farmers’ Market

Bon Appetit – Francis – What Happens If I Accidentally Ate a Fruit Sticker?

Phil has a question:

How in the world of Carmen Sandiego can you eat a food sticker.

Bon Appetit – Can Bill Nye Cook

The information you get from social media is not a substitute for academic discipline at all.

Bill Nye

Phil has a question:

Bill Nye – Barbie or Oppenheimer.

Phil M Stockmen

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