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TDN – TD Thornton – CHRB Sets ’24 NorCal Schedule, but GGF’s Closure Remains ‘Elephant in the Room’

DRF – Steve Andersen – Golden Gate planning to race until June 2024

Bloodhorse – Eric Mitchell – New Law Starts Shaping CA Racing Post-Golden Gate

TDN – Dan Ross – Legislation Leaves Door Wide Open For Extended Golden Gate Operations

TDN – Dan Ross – Golden Gate Closure: The Breeders’ Takes

DRF – Steve Andersen – Golden Gate Fields closing will create horse racing void in Northern California

Bloodhorse – Byron King – TSG Pledges $31.7 Million to California Consolidation

TDN – Dan Ross – Stronach Group Outlines Plans for Southern California

Paulick Report – The Stronach Group Says It Will Spend Over $31 Million To Consolidate Racing Operations In Southern California

Paulick Report – Feinstein Seeks Clarification From Stronach Group On Planned Closure Of Golden Gate Fields

TDN – Ross – Open Letter To The Stronach Group: Where Are The Answers?

National Post – Frank Stronach: Schools have role to play in helping children grow strong and healthy

Bloodhorse – Hovdey – State Bracing for GGF Shutdown Collateral Damage

Mongo Only Pawn In Game of Life

TDN – Bill Finley – Northern California Trainers React to Golden Gate Closure, Plot Their Next Moves

Paulick Report – Ellen Jackson: Stronach Decision On Golden Gate Fields Has A Real Human Toll

I’m using “salvage” advisedly, because we are hemorrhaging customers, and once they are gone, it is hard to get them back. Since I wrote the first draft of this letter one of those cracks has appeared. Golden Gate is closing, in an attempt to triage California racing. We need to stop the bleeding. And we need to do it right now.

TDN – Jerry Brown – Letter to the Editor: Existential Crisis. No Hyperbole

Phil has a question:

How long before the politicians who support propping up racing with slot money realize that they are actually propping up the CAWs.

Bloodhorse – Angst – Golden Gate Fields to Permanently Close at Meet’s End

ESPN – AP – Golden Gate Fields racetrack in Northern California to close in fall

TDN – Stronach Group To Close Golden Gate Fields, Focus On Santa Anita

Paulick Report – Golden Gate Fields To Close; Owner Stronach Group Seeks To Boost Santa Anita Field Size, Race Dates

DRF – Andersen – Golden Gate Fields to close at end of 2023 season

Los Angeles Times – Cherwa – Stronach Group to shut down Golden Gate Fields to help prop up Santa Anita racing

The Mercury News – Golden Gate Fields racetrack in East Bay to close this fall

San Francisco Chronicle – AP – Harris – Golden Gate Fields racetrack in Northern California to close this fall

The closure will leave Northern California without a major racetrack. Bay Meadows, which opened in 1934, shut down and was turned over to developers in 2008.

SF Gate – AP – Harris – Golden Gate Fields racetrack in Northern California to close this fall

Phil has a question:

Does the utter lack of mainstream sports media attention send shivers down the spines of the rest of the thoroughbred racing world.

How many racetracks in North America would survive without slots revenue.

Shakin All Over

TDN – Dan Ross – Proposed Berkeley City Council Ordinance Threat To Golden Gate Fields

Looks like money was a bigger threat to Golden Gate Fields.

Phil M Stockmen

  2 Responses to “CHRB Sets ’24 NorCal Schedule, but GGF’s Closure Remains ‘Elephant in the Room’”

  1. Evergreen Park in Grande Prairie hit a new record handle for its 9 race card on Sunday, July 23, 2023 – $198,321. The Saturday handle for the 7 race card was $95,735.

    Saturday July 22, 2023 Century Downs had a White Hat ceremony for Women in Racing. The Handle at Century for the 11 race card on Saturday July 22, 2023 was $156,296 with total purses of $248,000.

    If Evergreen Park in Grande Prairie can generate a handle of $198,321.00 why is the jiggie handle at Century $90k less than the purses on a big promotions day.

    Let’s hope they passed the White Hats.


    The recent financial disclosure of the reduction in Century Downs racino revenue with
    only a slight increase in Century Mile slots is concerning to stakeholders. The 14 mil to 9 mil contribution Downs / Mile in 2022 annual report and lofty Clark Kent increased projections for 24/25 purses is cause for concern.

    Blaming it on the AGLC/ UCP decisions is fruitless when 90% of revenue comes from slots, and the fall marketing on Flames / Oilers nation broadcasts is a another wasted effort. KUDOS to HRA for a major pushback on a fall meet for the Downs in 2024 as the harsh economic factors are coming full scale.

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