Sep 272023

Licensing Clerk and Reception

Horse Racing Alberta

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  1. Historically this same position was tendered in October 2019, with over 4320 website hits, a 50k job is great compensation, doubtful if any 73 thoroughbred trainers would meet complex multi tasking job responsibilities.

    HRA 2021 annual report was not accessible last week, the 29 million of betmakers handle was not corrected as the total handle still shows 81 million.

    BACKSTRETCH BANTER had the stake winner EUSTACIA 3yr filly RIFLING dropped in for bottoms 7k nw2 at wdb recently. ODDS of 8-1 when loading huge 15 horse field and adjusted to final winning odds 2.9 -1 ($7.80). JOY quickly turned to shock with the sudden odds drop, 150 k in wps pool and still paid 4.40 to show and exactor $32 with 2nd favorite 3-1.

    HRA 2024 CALENDAR was debated last thursday 21th,what got resolved??

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