Oct 132023

Canadian Thoroughbred – Stolz Thoroughbreds Heads East to Ontario

Stolz Thoroughbreds

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Phil has a question:

Do you think that Clark Kent and the Undertaker are doing their jobs.

Sal sent an e-mail to Clark Kent asking:

Could you please comment on why Stolz is leaving Alberta and what you have done to try and improve the thoroughbred breeding industry in Alberta.

Phil has a question:

Do you think Sal will get a response.

Phil sent an e-mail to Stolz Thoroughbreds asking?

Why are you leaving Alberta for Ontario:

What efforts did CTHS Alberta make to keep you in Alberta:

What efforts did Horse Racing Alberta Make to keep you in Alberta.

Phil received a very prompt very tactful response from Cassandra at Stolz Thoroughbreds. No blame was placed on any organization in Alberta other then pointing out that Ontario is a better market for their product and that an opportunity presented itself that they couldn’t refuse.

The highlights of her comments:

“As for us and our move, we’re just trying to grow and have more opportunities for our stallions. We think Ontario is a better market for future growth of what we’re trying to accomplish. Plus we lived out there when we first started with this and we just really liked the life we had out there. “
“We are still planning to race our Alberta bred horses out here and will continue to support the yearling sales as well. We will just be standing our  stallions in Ontario since it seems to be a better fit for them, particularly Medallist in his last breeding years.”
Sal has not received a response to his earlier e-mail sent to Clark Kent, but that’s par for the course for the window gazers at Horse Racing Alberta during the fall with all the leaves changing colour.

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