Oct 272023

Recruitment Posting – Horse Racing Appeal Tribunal

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    HRA tribunal appeals job posting sits dormant for two weeks buried in a government website before EUREKA hits, posting it at 10 pm last night.

    FUDGEGATE in 2018 had a full time crown prosecutor expense $111k for work activities, maximum over 8 hrs daily is now only $428 .

    HRA CEO/CFO still working on explaining 29 million of export betmakers handle that suddenly appeared in 2022 annual 15 months later but not in 2021 annual report,mile / betmakers export deal was only signed in Feb 2022??

    HRA posted 2023 race dates on Dec 1/22, will HBPA receive road apples for Xmas when 2024 race calendar appears?

    CPMA requires a consent form on a volunteer basis to disclose the last 5 years of A track thoroughbred meet handle since their inception to present. Professional racetracks unlike CENTURY provide this info,famous quote of Jeff Smith canadian vp, racing first slots second. The recent facebook posts about track maintenance, club house costs and food quality are just a tip of the iceberg not lettuce, happy trails for 2024 race season.

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