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“Horse racing has reached its moment of reckoning and we wanted to know, can the sport really be reformed or is it too late?” Vega said as she opened the story. There was nothing hyperbolic about this statement. It is the question that hovers ominously over our sport and should have everyone worried about its future.

These things happened and by exposing them to the some 9 million people that watch 60 Minutes each week the sport looked terrible and likely inched closer to losing its social license to operate.

The problems are real. Though fewer horses are breaking down, the numbers remain unacceptably high. And every time a trainer winning at 30% moves up a horse by four or five lengths in the first race after a claim, you’d have to have your head buried in the sand to think there isn’t something nefarious going on here and that it involves performance-enhancing drugs.

Yes, 60 Minutes could have tried harder to have a more balanced report, and maybe that just didn’t fit its agenda. Yes, we are doing better. But let’s not pretend that our problems aren’t serious one that desperately need to be addressed. That was the gist of the 60 Minutes piece, and they didn’t get that part wrong.

TDN – Bill Finley – What 60 Minutes Got Wrong, and What It Got Right

TSN – CP – Alouettes rally to beat Blue Bombers to take 110th Grey Cup

TSN – Dave Naylor – Als leave ownership woes in the past with Grey Cup win

SportsNet – David Morassutti – Alouettes’ belief set the stage for improbable Grey Cup win over Blue Bombers

Green Day

The Conversation – John Valentine – Grey Cup 2023: Canadian institution or antiquated tradition?

Living next to you is in some ways like sleeping with an elephant. No matter how friendly and even-tempered is the beast, if I can call it that, one is affected by every twitch and grunt.

Pierre Trudeau

The elephant in the room that no one addresses is that the CFL was a much better league when the NFL was more racist. How many of the CFL greats only came to the CFL cuz they couldn’t get an opportunity with the NFL. They didn’t come for the peanut butter.

Phil has a question:

Have you seen a Grey Cup Pool ticket for sale this year.

Is your local watering hole having a Grey Cup Party.

Do you know who the half time show is.

Do you wager more on Alberta horse race tracks or US tracks.

Last Nite

SportsNet – CP – CFL commissioner Ambrosie says he still has energy to remain in current post

Phil has a question:

Is energy enough to stop the CFL’s slide into oblivion.

Does HISA / HIWU have a violation for flogging a dead horse.

If you talk, you only repeat something that you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something that you don’t know.

Bud Grant

Paint It Black

2023 Grey Cup Festival

Cold is a state of mind.

Bud Grant

Basket Case

TSN – Fajardo relishing ‘second chance’ season with Alouettes as 110th Grey Cup nears

If the people don’t want to come out to the ballpark, nobody’s going to stop them. 

Yogi Berra

SportsNet – Mike Koreen – Grey Cup Preview: What you need to know about Alouettes vs. Blue Bombers

All the buildup and hype, everything else, is foam. The game is the beer.

Marv Levy

Sports Business Journal – Winning the Next Wave of Sport Fans

World Soccer Talk – Kyle Fansler – Soccer surpasses NHL as 4th most popular sport in United States

Phil has a question:

How has Gary Bettman kept his position.

CFL – Priyanka Chaudary – The Future of the CFL: Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

To live in the past is to die in the present.

Bill Belichek

The Conversation – David J Finch – It’s time to have a serious conversation about the future of Canadian football

What you do should speak so loudly that no one will hear what you say.

Marv Levy

My Generation

TDN – TD Thornton – Report: Outlandishly High Pari-Mutual Pools Might Have Been Sparked By FanDuel ‘Glitch’

Horse Racing Nation – Ed DeRosa – Who bet millions into Wednesday exotic pools at various tracks?

Paulick Report – Ray Paulick – ‘Technical Issues and Potential Fraud’ Involved In Large Mystery Wagers

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Remembering Al Side

A memorial service will be held at Hilltop Farm in the Spring.

2010 Canadian Derby

The Conversation – Rober Norman Buliung – The 15-minute city is a popular planning approach, but relies on ableist assumptions

TDN – Letter to the Editor: Vicky Leonard

TDN – Letter to the Editor: Bloodstock Agent Jason Litt

Bloodhorse – Eric Mitchell – Following Sea to Stand at Rivard Stables in Manitoba

Bloodhorse – Bob Ehalt – No Fatal Breakdowns During Seven Months at Oklahoma

Garden and Gun – Sadie Chafe – Fourteen Thanksgiving Drinks

Garden and Gun – Sadie Chafe – Twelve Vegetable-Packed Sides for Thanksgiving

Garden and Gun – Sadie Chafe – Fourteen Comforting Side Dishes You Need at Thanksgiving

Garden and Gun – Sadie Chafe – Eleven Recipes for Your Main Thanksgiving Dish

Most rock journalism is people who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t talk, for people who can’t read. 

Frank Zappa

Most sports journalism is people who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t talk, for people who can’t read and when the people who can’t talk don’t say anything the people that can’t write make something up.

Frank Zappa updated by Phil

TSN – CP – Alouettes rally to beat Blue Bombers to take 110th Grey Cup

TSN – Dave Naylor – Als leave ownership woes in the past with Grey Cup win

SportsNet – David Morassutti – Alouettes’ belief set the stage for improbable Grey Cup win over Blue Bombers

Green Day

Garden and Gun – Southern Women Spotlight: Rosalynn Carter

Horse Race Insider – John Pricci – THE LEGEND OF BOBBY USSERY

Paulick Report – Asmussen’s Youngest Son To Make Riding Debut Wednesday At Churchill Downs

Paulick Report – Jim Chavrat – Grass Racing Takes Center Stage Next Two Weeks At Del Mar

Bloodhorse – Molly Rollins – Nysos Oh So Nice in Bob Hope Romp

TDN – ‘TDN Rising Star’ Nysos Ascends Skyward In Bob Hope

Paulick Report – ‘A Real Pro’: Rising Star Nysos Powers Unchallenged To Bob Hope Victory

Bloodhorse – Laurel Winter Meet Includes 17 Stakes Worth $1.8M

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Graham Dench – ‘In the end, the bad outweighed the good’ – jockey Jack Gilligan reflects on life in the US as he returns to Newmarket

The Ringer – Ben Solak – The Hot Read, Week 11: The Race for the No. 1 Pick Is Heating Up

Sports Illustrated – Albert Breer – NFL Week 11 Takeaways: No One Will Complain About Watching the Lions on Thanksgiving This Year

The Score – Dan Wilkins – Key takeaways and analysis from Week 11 in the NFL

Marriage is a great institution, but I’m not ready for an institution.

Mae West

Built Tough was crowned the 2023 Canadian Global Bull of the Year, also collecting a $10,000 bonus. The commanding bovine athlete concluded the regular season atop the standings with a 44.6-point average, 0.2 points ahead of No. 2 contender Langham Kid (Two Bit Bucking Bulls).

Built Tough’s outing in the championship round, which earned him a bull score of 43 points clinched him the year-end honor. He finished a razor-thin 0.04 points ahead of reserve Bull of the Year Blue Magic (Outlaw Buckers Rodeo Corp.).

Blue Magic and Grand Funk (Kinky Buckers) tied for the YETI “Built for the Wild” Bull of the National Finals. Each animal athlete posted a National Finals-best 44-point bull score. Blue Magic earned the score when he teamed with Halverson (Gordon, Nebraska) for an event-best 89.75-point score in the championship round, while Grand Funk delivered the top marks in Round 2 when he upended Wyatt Gleeson (Sundre, Alberta) in 4.41 seconds in Round 2.

Nansen Vold was crowned the 2023 PBR Canada Stock Contractor of the Year for an unprecedented 10th time, including the past eight consecutive seasons. 

PBR – Casie Albert – Dakota Buttar Crowned 2023 PBR Canada Champion

The Lonely Bull

Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who wants to live in an institution? 

Groucho Marx

The Ringer – Bill Simmons, Chris Ryan and Sean Fennessey – The Rewatchables: ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ | Gere’s Best Film?

Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Nancy Sexton – Stellar bloodlines on offer at Irish breeding stock sales

CTV – AP – Cheers! Bottle of Scotch whisky sells for a record US$2.7 million at auction

Phil’s quick arithmetic says that’s $3,600.00US a milliltre.

First We Take Manhattan

Secularism is categorically not saying that the religious may not speak out publicly or have a say in public life. It is about saying that religion alone should not confer a privileged say in public life, or greater influence on it. It really is as simple as that. 

Richard Dawkins

Bloodhorse – Ortiz Jr. Posts Five Wins Nov. 18 at Aqueduct

First We Take Manhattan

The improver of natural knowledge absolutely refuses to acknowledge authority, as such. For him, skepticism is the highest of duties; blind faith the one unpardonable sin.

Thomas Huxley

Front Office Sports – Eric Fisher – One Philly Arena Or Two? Division Grows Between Sixers, Flyers Owners

I was typecast for a long time. A lot of people thought all Divine could do was play a loud, beefy blonde.


Bon Appetit – Sommelier Tries a $1,500 Bottle of Red Wine

Phil’s quick arithmetic says that’s $2.00US a milliltre, the same price as a bottle of Two Buck Chuck.

Phil has a question:

Who got to drink the rest of the bottle.

Aren’t sommeliers supposed to look like some snooty arrogant French asshole with attitude.

Harlan Estate

French Kiss

Sports Illustrated – Pat Forde – Michigan Has Gotten Curiously Quiet on Its Sign-Stealing Scandal

If they think we’ve got an edge, we’ve got an edge.

Red Auerbach

Paulick Report – Chelsea Hackbarth – Breeders’ Cup Presents Connections: Goodnight Olive Gave Owners Much More Than A Ghost Story

Canada’s National Observer – Volkmar Richter – MOVIES: What came before the Hunger Games; can soccer’s big losers turn things around and what about the Rolling Stones?

Rolling Stone – Marlow Stern – The Rolling Stones’ Hell-Raising Original Ringleader

Paint It Black

Rolling Stone – The 27 Club: A Brief History

All Apologies

Bloodhorse – Byron King – Outs Contribute to Drop in Keeneland HORA Sale Figures

TDN – Steve Sherack – Recent Maiden Winners Share Spotlight at Keeneland’s Horses of Racing Age Sale


Paulick Report – HIWU Determines New Testing Specification For Cocaine In Blood Samples; Withdraws Positives For Trainers Keri Brion, McLane Hendricks

TDN – HIWU Withdraws Cases Against Trainers Brion, Hendriks

Phil has a question:

Can all of the staff at HISA and HIWU including Lisa Lazarus be provisionally fired and then let back if they can prove their merits.

Garden and Gun – Sadie Chafe – Seven Sauces for Thanksgiving

Phil’s One Sauce for All Holidays

Southern Living – Josh Miller – 10 Ingredients Our Food Editor Says You Might Want To Avoid This Thanksgiving

No legacy is so rich as honesty. 

William Shakespeare

Front Office Sports – Michael McCarthy – Charissa Thompson’s On-Air Admission Sparks Controversy

USA Today – Mike Freeman – Charissa Thompson saying she made up sideline reports is a bigger problem than you think

Phil has a question:

Have you ever seen a bigger fucking blonde bimbo than Charissa Thompson.

Why has she not been fired.

Does she think she’s Tucker Carlson.

Did she not just confirm that the blonde bimbos are just there for their looks.

Liar, Liar

The Ringer – Dan Moore – The Long, Sad Story of the Stealing of the Oakland A’s

Paulick Report – Vince Bruun – Emerald Downs Will Add Three Days To 2024 Season; 55 Race Days Begin May 4

Paulick Report – Jeff Maday – Canterbury Park Plans 10 Percent Purse Increase With 54 Race Dates In 2024

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Steve Dennis – ‘There would never be another Secretariat … it was goodbye to the embodiment of a dream’ – Steve Dennis with a final farewell

TDN – Post-Race Samples From 2023 Breeders’ Cup Cleared By HIWU

Sports Illustrated – Patrick Andres – Jim Harbaugh Accepts Three-Game Suspension As Big Ten Closes Michigan Investigation

Phil has a question:

Will Jim Harbaugh be heading to the Patriots when Belichek retires this off-season.

TDN – Jessica Martini – ‘Pragmatic’ Keeneland November Sale Concludes with Numbers Down

Bloodhorse – Lauren Gash – Curtain Falls on Keeneland November to Slight Decline

The Ringer – Ian Cohen – The Hotelier Is Finding Home in All Sorts of Places

Bloodhorse – Mollie Rollins – Rich Strike Withdrawn From Keeneland HORA Sale

Paulick Report – Kentucky Derby Winner Rich Strike Scratched From Keeneland November Sale, Will Remain In ‘Light Exercise’

Garden and Gun – Sadie Chafe – Twenty-Two Thanksgiving Desserts

Southern Living – Our 71 Best Thanksgiving Recipes Of All Time

The Conversation – Verdict in Nathaniel Veltman trial provides a legal roadmap on how acts of terrorism can result in first-degree murder convictions

Garden and Gun – CJ Lotz Diego – John Grisham Talks Hit Storylines, Morning Writing, and His First Reaction to Matthew McConaughey

Phil M Stockmen

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