Nov 272023

The Current Race Meet at Century Mile Not in Great Shape ***

I have just a few words to say about the current standardbred meet at Century Mile.
Powers that be are sitting idly by and doing nothing while the handle hovers below the $100 k mark and sometimes only $70 k. No excuses in this day and age for the handle to be that low with online wagering available. Early on in the meet the handle was higher, but that was aided by a BRIDGE JUMPER who was making large show wagers which doesn’t benefit the track.
As well, there are hardly any people attending the races and eating the overpriced buffet. Averaging only 6 tables of people in the Finish Line restaurant for the buffet is embarrassing (not including groups in the back room). Lower the price or give the people menu options.
The repercussions of the current figures will be felt by the horsemen who will be offered less race dates and lower purses in the near future.
Maybe it is time for whoever is responsible for handing out “a” circuit racing and casino licenses to consider taking this one away and awarding it elsewhere if there are any takers. I am sure River Cree is still interested.
We will support the racing at Century Mile if most of the WRONGS being done get corrected. I know personally there have been at least a half dozen occasions this meet I have declined going to the races because I do not like the set up.
I am sorry, had to say this. I love all horse racing in this province and hate seeing it destroyed!

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    The dismal numbers at mile are not surprising as the operator makes little effort to promote any live horse racing. HRA derives 43 /48 revenue from slots racino activities, or about 90% of the pie chart. Jockey club 2022 ontrack handle for live Canadian thoroughbreds was 27 million and 738 million for off track, only 3% is generated onsite.

    CENTURY refuses to release meet handle numbers, quoting its in Equibase and standardbred Canada for unofficial CPMA figures. Track A live thoroughbred handle was 22.5 million in 2023 down from 28 million in 2022. This drastic 20% decline shows the health of the industry.

    HRA 2024 race calendar should be out shortly, rumour has it that the algorithm computer is awaiting a new circuit board from Taiwan.

    Positive tests for theobromine / caffeine metabolism is related to cocoa pouches in the feed, shades of ractopamine /pig feed contamination from over a decade ago that lead to numerous purse disqualifications.

    TENILLE as a committee member for Medicine Hat Stampede Grandstand reconstruction project, lobby group asking for 14 million in city grant, 7 million in low interest loan and matching 14 million from UCPO / Danielle’s riding. Council pauses study with show us the cost/benefit and plans, good thinking.

    HARNESS worldwide YouTube replay, “Santa saves Christmas horse race” is in jeopardy with Santa/Harold and the Grinch/James under suspension. The rumoured HRA solution of Jason/Santa and Yves/Grinch is not acceptable due to safety and regulatory restrictions in the HRA legislation.

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