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I would kick HISA out of the industry.

It’s the government trying to run our industry and we don’t need that. It has no jurisdiction in Louisiana and I am part of the lawsuit which is trying to keep them away.

The Racing Commission in Louisiana is fantastic. They have been doing great things since they started. They don’t need nobody telling you what needs to be done.

They [HISA] want you to whip your horse six times with a whip that’s like a fly swatter. It’s a ridiculous rule. Our state vet looks at every horse, feels every horse that runs. They want their own people to do these things. They want trainers to do things that are just unbelievable. Where do they get their money? From the fines they put on jockeys and trainers. It’s stupid.

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Gerard Melancon: I would kick HISA out of the industry – it’s the government trying to run our industry and we don’t need that

We need to speak not amongst ourselves but to speak up together to regulators — loudly — that the system in place is unfairly hurting livelihoods and reputations while doing nothing to make our horses and industry safer. I’m not anti-HISA (Horseracing Integrity & Safety Authority). But I’m very much against some of the policies they’ve put in place — and allowed its enforcement arm HIWU (Horseracing Integrity & Welfare Unit) to put into place — in determining drug and medication violations.

Any trainer who thinks this can’t happen to them has their head in the sand. Your turn is coming — as mine just did.

Paulick Report – Rusty Arnold: We Must Speak Up About HISA/HIWU’s Policies That Defy Realities Of Our Environment

Phil has a question:

Why does HISA need a separate enforcement unit other than to create more positions for bureaucrats.

Who knows less about thoroughbred horse racing – Tennille or Lisa Lazarus or Clark Kent.

Does US horse racing need a bureaucracy builder trying to build her own little fiefdom while Rome is burning.

Do Lisa Lazarus or Tennille or Clark Kent have even the slightest inkling of how Rozelle, Goodell, Stern, Silver or Selig met the myriad challenges and made their sports far more popular than thoroughbred racing was at the height of its popularity.

Harness the power of peers.

Kenesaw Mountain Landis

TDN – Bill Finley – HIWU Hits Diodoro With Provisional Suspension

Bloodhorse – Levothyroxine Found in Diodoro Barn at Oaklawn Park

Phil has a question:

Will Cella and that useless bureaucracy builder Lisa Lazarus try and make an example of Diodoro since he’s an interloping Canuck in Assmussenland.

Was it just a coincidence that John Holleman and Randy Howg’s Midshipman’s Dance was scratched from the race where Lisa Lazarus presented the trophy to the winner.

Wanna buy some razorback swampland.

Did Lisa Lazarus illegally and improperly make up her own rule to get John Holleman and Randy Howg’s Midshipman’s Dance.

Is is not incumbent on Lisa Lazarus to go public with what she told Cella about John Holleman and Randy Howg’s Midshipman’s Dance running in a stakes race that carried qualifying points for the Kentucky Oaks.

How fucking blind and fucking useless are the Oaklawn stewards when favoured son Keith Assmussen body slams his way through in the 6th race at Oaklawn Park on the aptly named Bourbon Bash on Saturday March 30, 2024 and their ruling is: FOLLOWING A STEWARDS’ INQUIRY REGARDING THE RUN EXITING THE TURN, NO ACTION WAS TAKEN. The action should have been an immediate removal of Keith Assmussen from every horse he was scheduled to ride pending a hearing on his brutal carelessness that puts jockeys and horses at risk. At the hearing 90 days would be an appropriate suspension.

Has anyone asked the jockey colony in Oaklawn what they think of Keith’s dangerous riding and lack of supervision by the stewards or is Cella waiting for a fatality and PETA to step in.

Does Cella think that bigger purses can take the bush out of the track.

The Chemicals Between Us

Phil has a question:

How many drivers would be charged with impaired driving if the level was 0.008% rather than 0.08%.

How many drivers would be charged with impaired driving if the level was 0.000000000008% rather than 0.08%.

Do you think that Lisa Lazarus or any of the useless bureaucrats at HISA or HIWU understand the logic of Phil’s last 2 questions.

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Glen Stabell – ‘We have enough horses to run three main tracks’ – ambitious plans for a new racetrack in Texas

Is it a coincidence that the state eying a new thoroughbred track is the Anti-HISA state of Texas.

Bloodhorse – Eric Mitchell – NY Court to Weigh Due Process Rights in Pletcher Case


TDN – New York State Bar Association Offers HISA Webinar Apr. 18

Most painters want recognition, especially by their peers.

Kenesaw Mountain Landis


Sometimes Phil just gotta give in to the Urge.

Paulick Report – Letter To The Editor: Unity In Horse Racing Seems Like A Pipe Dream

Who Am I?

TDN – Walter Toner – Letter to the Editor: CAW ‘Activity Stinks to High Heaven’

Bizarre Love Triangle

Oh what a tangled web we weave

When first we practice to deceive.

Sir Walter Scott

Paulick Report – Jonathan Horowitz – The Big Picture Presented By Excel Equine: Is Fixed-Odds Wagering the Answer?

Paulick Report – Kentucky Legislature Introduces Bill To Replace State Horse Racing Commission

If this seems vague to you, it’s because at the executive level, the truth isn’t really the point. All the principals are pot-committed to Ohtani as a moneymaker, cultural icon, and active ballplayer. The twist comes with Ohtani’s proximity to the gambling part because MLB needs them both even as they work against each other’s interests.

Defector – Ray Rotto – MLB Has A Gambling Problem Even If Shohei Ohtani Doesn’t

Defector – Kathryn Xu – Shohei Ohtani’s Interpreter Gives Two Different Stories

TDN – Dan Ross – Computer Assisted Wagering: Anatomy Of A Deal

Phil has a question:

Why would a sports bettor ever consider wagering on horse racing when the CAWs have a built in advantage.

Why should handle and slot monies be used to subsidize the rebates to the CAWs.

How long before CAWs kill horse racing.

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Ken McPeek: The sport needs to make it possible for fans young and old to watch

TDN – Fred Pope – Letter to the Editor: First, Stop the Bleeding

If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.

Cowboy Wisdom

Paulick Report – Voss: I’m Skeptical Racing Is Ready To Light Things Up; Prove Me Wrong

If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.

Cowboy Wisdom

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Ramiro Restrepo: I wish US racing had a central body of governance

Phil M Stockmen

  One Response to “Gerard Melancon: I would kick HISA out of the industry – it’s the government trying to run our industry and we don’t need that”

  1. HRA proposed new policy in conjunction with CENTURY of requiring safety vets of anyone working ontrack with horses pending board approval is a financial burden to backstretch workers. Certifed vests cost over $300,will HRA be covering the cost, with a shortage of grooms will some be quitting.

    CENTURY CEO in response to analyst question shocking responds “it took a while for CENTURY MILE to catch on but now it is has caught on. We have every reason to believe it will stay the same or get better! After 5 years has the loose horse finally got caught leading it to greener pastures doubtful!

    HRA after guidance from minister NALLY presents the 2024-2026 business plan in the main body instead of a 3 field search. It garned over 3800 hits for all racing participants to review for future budget projections.

    CENTURY DEBT hits a incredible 1 BILLION USA DOLLARS, 342 million in longterm debt and 658 million in sale leaseback obligations. 2024 costs are 52 million usa for leaseback payments,that include 17.3 million canadian for the next 15 years for Alberta properties,~6 mil canadian profit in 2023.

    CENTURY DOWNS has a troubling 6.1% decrease in racino revenue ending year end, 10k report shows .5 mil canadian/4th qtr and .9 mil usa for yr.

    CENTURY ALBERTA parimutuel, igaming,sports wagering having a 7.9% decrease 10.0 mil usa in 2023 down from 10.9 mi usa in 2022.

    CENTURY CANADIAN has a tax audit review of 2/4 subsidiaries that could effect it’s tax rate,shame it can’t review its track maintenance or minimum effort in promoting horse racing.

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