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Bloodhorse – Franke Vespe – Maryland Step Closer on Pimlico-Centered Racing Plan

The Baltimore Sun – Brian White – Maryland lawmakers OK plan to rebuild Pimlico Race Course, home of the Preakness

Sports Business Journal – Maryland approves $400M plan to rebuild Pimlico

Paulick Report – Ray Paulick – Bill Passes To Rebuild Pimlico, Develop Year-Round Training Center; Heads To Maryland Governor

If you wish to forget anything on the spot, make a note that this thing is to be remembered.

Edgar Allan Poe

Bloodhorse – Racing Post – Bill Barber – British Jockey Club Plans to Cut Purse Contribution

Boom Boom – Out Go The Lights

TDN – Bill Finley – From Maine to California, These Tracks Are Gone, But Not Forgotten

Bloodhorse – Dick Downey – Baltas Court Petition to Set Aside Suspension Denied

Phil has a question:

Is Baltas using the same lawyers as that fat orange blob slob.

Los Angeles Times – Hannah Wiley – An Oregon tribe’s casino bid sparks furor over what land tribes can rightfully call home

Bloodhorse – Sean Collins – Albertrani Retires After Two Decades of Training

Bloodhorse – Dick Downey – KY Supreme Court to Ponder Liability From a Horse Bite

Blood In The Cut

I’m not afraid of werewolves or vampires or haunted hotels, I’m afraid of what real human beings do to other real human beings.

Walter Jon Williams

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Laura King – Grafting for success: Japan-bound Tadhg O’Shea reflects on amazing Dubai World Cup triumph with Laurel River

The Ringer – Dan Moore – The Long, Sad Story of the Stealing of the Oakland A’s

The Defector – Kelsey McKinney – Big Hot Dog Must Tell The Truth

Los Angeles Times – David Wharton and Nathan Fenno – Bettors offer inside look at bookie linked to Shohei Ohtani: ‘The guy seemed to run a good shop’

Smells Like Teen Spirit

ESPN – Tim Keown – Athletics to play at minor league park before Vegas residency

Sports Illustrated – Former A’s Pitcher Ron Darling Had One Word to Describe Ownership’s Handling of Team

Phil has a question:

If they have an Exhibition game could the A’s beat the current tenants.

We run our club like a pawn shop–we buy, we sell, we trade.

Charlie O. Finley

The Athletic – Sean McIndoe – Finding positive thoughts for 11 of the NHL’s non-playoff teams

Bloodhorse – NYRA Announcer Imbriale Retires After 44-Year Career

ESPN – U.S. horse racing deaths up slightly in 2023, per HISA report

Paulick Report – Minnesota Racing Commission Approves Historical Horse Racing For Canterbury, Harness Track

The Ringer – Seerat Sohi – Six Questions About the Jontay Porter NBA Gambling Scandal

Bloodhorse – Bob Ehalt – Newest Belmont Park Offers a View to Racing’s Future

ESPN – AP – Missouri voters reject stadium tax for Royals and Chiefs

Los Angeles Times – Lorraine Ali – Column: I spent 24 hours on Trump’s Truth Social so you don’t have to. No wonder it’s tanking

Front Office Sports – Michael McCarthy – ‘Absurd’ Caitlin Clark Draws Absurd TV Numbers For Iowa-LSU

Los Angeles Times – Michael Hiltzik – Column: It’s not just Shohei — a massive scandal involving sports betting is just around the corner

The Athletic – Andy McCullough – Inside the ‘very predatory’ world of illegal betting that lured Shohei Ohtani’s interpreter

Bloodhorse – Frank Angst – Keeneland Reduces Daily Double Takeout

Phil has a question:

Will Alberta bettors receive the benefit of this reduction or will Horse Racing Alberta continue to allow the Ontario government to illegally tax Alberta horse race bettors.

Bloodhorse – Turfway Park Meet Sees 17.1% Increase in Handle

The Ringer – All 94 ‘Sex and the City’ Episodes as Taylor Swift Songs

Kansas City

Front Office Sports – Alex Schiffer –  A-Rod Group Vows to Take ‘Whatever Actions Are Necessary’ in Fight for Timberwolves

Bloodhorse – Bob Keickhefer – Laurel River Cruises in Dubai World Cup Romp

TDN – Juddmonte Homebred Laurel River Romps in Dubai World Cup

TDN – Alan Carasso – Juddmonte Juggernaut! Laurel River Wins Dubai World Cup By Record Margin

Take Me To The River

TDN – Bill Finley – HIWU Hits Diodoro With Provisional Suspension

Bloodhorse – Levothyroxine Found in Diodoro Barn at Oaklawn Park

Bloodhorse – Eric Mitchell – NY Court to Weigh Due Process Rights in Pletcher Case

TDN – New York State Bar Association Offers HISA Webinar Apr. 18

Paulick Report – Letter To The Editor: Unity In Horse Racing Seems Like A Pipe Dream

Who Am I?

TDN – Walter Toner – Letter to the Editor: CAW ‘Activity Stinks to High Heaven’

Bizarre Love Triangle

Paulick Report – Jonathan Horowitz – The Big Picture Presented By Excel Equine: Is Fixed-Odds Wagering the Answer?

ESPN – Ramona Shelburne and Adrian Wojnarowksi – Timberwolves owner not selling stake to Alex Rodriguez, Marc Lore

Lawyers in Love

If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers.

Charles Dickens

Bloodhorse – Racing Post – Stuart Riley – Kabirkhan: From Humble Start to the Dubai World Cup

California Girls

TDN – The Jockey Club 2024 Fact Book Available

2024 Alberta Fact Book

Paulick Report – Kentucky Legislature Introduces Bill To Replace State Horse Racing Commission

The New Yorker – Adam Gopnik – When New York Made Baseball and Baseball Made New York

The Score – Jonathan Soveta – Report: Raptors’ Porter facing NBA probe over prop bets

SportsNet – Porter probe puts spotlight on ‘wild, wild west’ of sports gambling

Los Angeles Times – Connor Sheets and Laura J. Nelson – The mysterious life — and questionable claims — of Shohei Ohtani’s interpreter

Los Angeles Times – Paul Pringle,  Nathan Fenno, Adam Elmahrek – How the saga of Shohei Ohtani and his interpreter unfolded – and why it’s not over

Front Office Sports – Eric Fisher – Ohtani Emphatically Denies Any Knowledge of Translator’s Gambling

Los Angeles Times – Mike Digiovanna – Dodgers players surprised by Shohei Ohtani’s composure: ‘Betrayal is hard’

The Ringer – Five Big Questions About MLB’s Investigation Into Shohei Ohtani and His Interpreter

Phil has a question:

Why has Ohtani learned so little English or Spanish after 5 years in California.

Los Angeles Times – Bill Plaschke – Column: Greatest team or biggest flop? The 2024 Dodgers will decide their place in history

ESPN – Tisha Thompson – Shohei Ohtani, his interpreter and wire transfers: A timeline

Phil has a question:

Does Bowyer’s organization use baseball bats to break kneecaps.

Los Angeles Times – Jack Harris – MLB investigating Shohei Ohtani and his former interpreter amid gambling allegations

Oh what a tangled web we weave

When first we practice to deceive.

Sir Walter Scott

If this seems vague to you, it’s because at the executive level, the truth isn’t really the point. All the principals are pot-committed to Ohtani as a moneymaker, cultural icon, and active ballplayer. The twist comes with Ohtani’s proximity to the gambling part because MLB needs them both even as they work against each other’s interests.

Defector – Ray Rotto – MLB Has A Gambling Problem Even If Shohei Ohtani Doesn’t

Defector – Kathryn Xu – Shohei Ohtani’s Interpreter Gives Two Different Stories

Oh what a tangled web we weave

When first we practice to deceive.

Sir Walter Scott

Lying Eyes

Front Office Sports – Eric Fisher – Confounding Ohtani Episode Exposes Dark Underbelly of Sports Betting

Los Angeles Times – Kevin Rector – Is Shohei Ohtani a theft victim? Is he in trouble? Legal experts say probes underway

Los Angeles Times – Jack Harris – Startled Dodgers move on after Shohei Ohtani’s interpreter accused of theft, gambling

Phil has a question:

Could you say that the story was lost in the interpretation.

All gamblers lose regularly, but they rarely discuss it in public. Losing is bad for the image, dude. Nobody buys Hot Tips from Losers. Remember that.

Hunter S. Thompson

Paulick Report – Jonathan Horowitz – The Big Picture Presented By Excel Equine: Is Fixed-Odds Wagering the Answer?

Front Office Sports – A.J. Perez – Everything You Need to Know About the Ongoing ‘Sports Illustrated’ Saga

Bloodhorse – Jay Hovdey – First Shot Hits Mark in Battle for NorCal Racing

TDN – T.D. Thornton – Plan For New Chicago Track Forging Ahead Despite Big Differences In Gaming Law Interpretations

Bloodhorse – Byron King – California Purse Overpayments in Focus as Handle Drops

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Ken Snyder – ‘The new Turfway Park is hardly Yankee Stadium but here’s a surprise – it works!’ Ken Snyder revisits old haunts

TDN – Dan Ross – Computer Assisted Wagering: Anatomy Of A Deal

Phil has a question:

Why would a sports bettor ever consider wagering on horse racing when the CAWs have a built in advantage.

Why should handle and slot monies be used to subsidize the rebates to the CAWs.

How long before CAWs kill horse racing.

ESPN – Ryan C. Clark – How a canceled trip to see U2 helped turn around the Predators’ season

Hawkmoon 269

Bloodhorse – Byron King – CHRB Grants Northern California Fall Race Dates

TDN – T.D. Thornton – CHRB Unanimously Approves Plan to Make Pleasanton New Center of NorCal Circuit

Paulick Report – Ray Paulick – At Contentious Meeting, CHRB Allocates 2024 Fall Dates To Replace Golden Gate Fields

TDN – Dan Ross – CARF Issues Statement After 1/ST Ultimatum on NorCal Racing Dates

Bloodhorse – Byron King – Fravel: NorCal Racing Could Impact Santa Anita’s Future

Los Angeles Times – John Cherwa – 1/ST Racing threatens to sell or close Santa Anita

Paulick Report – Ray Paulick – Santa Anita’s Future At Risk, Stronach Group Executive Warns CHRB

Not permitted in the measure, though, would be any such wagers on horse racing events or seasons. Horse racing is not a part of New York’s lucrative mobile sports betting program because, chiefly, its wagers are based on a pari-mutuel system as opposed to the fixed odds offered in sports betting.

Bloodhorse – Tom Precious – New York Considers Further Opening Sports Wagers

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Glen Stabell – ‘We have enough horses to run three main tracks’ – ambitious plans for a new racetrack in Texas

Paulick Report – New Racetrack In Texas? Penn Entertainment Searching For Site Near Austin

Front Office Sports – Michael McCarthy – Would Stephen A. Smith Make It On Late Night TV?

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Ken McPeek: The sport needs to make it possible for fans young and old to watch

America’s Best Racing – Lindsay Yurcotte – Thoroughbred Makeover Diary: Closing Doors and Cracked-Open Windows

The Ringer – Lex Pryor – “The Sin Is Greed”: The Making and Unmaking of the Black American Mecca

Harlem Blues

Bloodhorse – Frank Angst – Maryland Plan Seeks to Take Full Advantage of Preakness

Paulick Report – Ray Paulick – Deal For Takeover Of Maryland Racing, Rebuilt Pimlico, Awaits Legislative Approval

Bloodhorse – Proposed Legislation Would Pave Way for Pimlico Update

TDN – Report: The Stronach Group Agrees To Donate Pimlico To State of Maryland

Bloodhorse – Tampa Bay Downs Outlines Decisions Amid Tote Problems

Front Office Sports – Joe Perez – Sources: ‘Sports Illustrated’ and Swimsuit Edition to Be Broken Apart

TDN – Eurton Joins Prime’s National Women’s Soccer League Coverage

SportsNet – Anson Carter-led group wants NHL expansion team for Atlanta area

Phil has a question:

Will the team end up in Ville de Quebec or Saskatoon.

Running Back To Saskatoon

2024 Dubai World Cup likely Fields

The Ringer – Miles Surrey – The Winners and Losers of the 2024 Oscars

The Ringer – Sean Fennessey and Amanda Dobbins -The 2024 Oscars: The Year of ‘Oppenheimer’ and Christopher Nolan

Bloodhorse – Joe Perez – AmTote, Roberts: Communications Outage Caused Tote Woes

Bloodhorse – Payouts, Refunds Announced for Tampa Bay Derby Fiasco

TDN – Bill Finley – The Week in Review: In Light of Saturday’s Tote Failure, the Industry Must Search for Answers

Paulick Report – Tampa Bay Downs GM Calls For Investigation Into Tote Malfunction

Phil has a question:

What does it say when angry gamblers are the ones most concerned with the state of communications in North America.

TDN – Bill Finley – Chicago Bears Reverse Course, Will Not Build Stadium On Arlington Property

Sports Business Journal – Report: Bears pivoting away from Arlington Heights, back to possible lakefront stadium

Front Office Sports – David Rumsey – 11 Million Bettors Up for Grabs: N.C. Launches Mobile Sports Betting

HISA has become a dictatorship. They are the judge, jury and executioner. Whether with open eyes or out of ignorance, they have let their enforcement arm throw common sense and fairness out the window.

How is it that the NBA, NFL and MLB all have a players’ union and have representation in the rule and penalty policies of their leagues and horsemen have no representation in HISA policy? And don’t tell me we have real representation through HISA’s horsemen’s advisory group.

Paulick Report – Rusty Arnold: We Must Speak Up About HISA/HIWU’s Policies That Defy Realities Of Our Environment

Bloodhorse –  Frank Angst – After Winning Court Case, Hansen Eyes Racing Return

Hansen - Horse Profile - BloodHorse

Pale Blue Eyes

Bloodhorse – Peter Denk – Grade 1 Winner Hit the Road Sold to South Africa

Hit The Road Jack

Bloodhorse – Byron King – Oaklawn, Arkansas Groups Embrace Finding Common Ground

Sorts Illustrated – Conor Orr – Russell Wilson’s Broncos Breakup Was Inevitable

The godsend of off-track wagering has now turned on racing and is devouring it. In the early days, most off-track bets were being made at receiving tracks and the money stayed in the sport. That ship sailed with computers and mobile phones. Today ADW’s and robots are taking the most bets. What they pay the host tracks is so low they have enough margin to give up to 10% to whales. The money is bleeding out of host tracks and purses.

The first step for any business in trouble: Stop the bleeding.

TDN – Fred Pope – Letter to the Editor: First, Stop the Bleeding

If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.

Cowboy Wisdom

Bloodhorse – Dick Downey – Court: HHR Gaming Operating Unlawfully in Louisiana

TDN – Brian Malloy – Letter to the Editor: Agent for Positive Change

TDN – Letter to the Editor: Carrie Brogden

We may be too deep in the hole with the public already for it to work, but inaction will only hasten the sport’s end. And I don’t think that end is as far away as I’d once believed.

Paulick Report – Voss: I’m Skeptical Racing Is Ready To Light Things Up; Prove Me Wrong

If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.

Cowboy Wisdom

Phil has a question:

Do the sheep in the influencers’ flocks realize that the influencers are getting paid for flogging their influence.

Do It Again

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Ramiro Restrepo: I wish US racing had a central body of governance

Phil M Stockmen

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  1. HRA BOARD on March 5/2024 finally implements directive 206-2024 amending HRA rule 343g requiring certified safety vests and helmets for the harness racing participants jogging/driving horses and thoroughbred pony personnel. HBPA supports this new mandate, yet ASHA has no comment?

    HRA REGULATORY group cites PEI,CALIFORNIA and OHIO/2022 as jurisdictions having this rule.The window gazing bunch SHOCKINGLY omit ONTARIO, implemented this harness rule since OCT 1/2009, 15 years ago!

    HRA MANDATE of protecting the health and welfare of racing participants must have had a political exemption for ASHA under TENILE’S governance. ASHA members must pony up at least $300 for certified safety vests and $700 for a race colors painted safety helmet, compliance date TBA?

    MINISTER NALLY JUGGATE ruling of cheap $50 4 liter plastic jugs of vodka being removed,due to a loophole of speciality distillers promotion to a liquidation supplier, is alberta’s version of Stormy Daniels assets sagging.

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