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Bloodhorse – Dick Downey – Bettors Lose Case Against Baffert, CDI in Appeals Court

The complaint alleges that Wunderler and Dicorcia engaged in a “conspiracy to extort money from Baffert, sent a text message demanding a sum certain (sic) of money, with specific payment instructions for wiring money, in exchange for a promise not to release information defendants allege is so damaging that it will end Baffert’s career.

“In furtherance of this conspiracy,” the complaint continues, “Mr. Wunderler instructed a third party to deliver that message to Baffert’s representatives, and that message was in fact delivered to Baffert when it was forwarded to Baffert’s wife.”

Paulick Report – Ray Paulick – Baffert Sues Social Media Personalities Swift Hitter, Barshoelife For Extortion, Defamation

Full Complaint

Bloodhorse – Dick Downey – Baffert Suit Alleges Extortion, Defamation, Threats

TDN – Bill Finley – Baffert Sues Twitter Antagonists Swift Hitter, Barshoelife For Extortion, Defamation

I Write Sins Not Tragedies

Garden and Gun – Tom Wilmes – Will an Open Bottle of Fine Bourbon Ever Go Bad?

Phil has an answer:

Not if you drink it promptly.

TDN – McGrath – Sikura: No Simple Solutions for a Fractured Sport

After The Symposium Where Does Horse Racing Go

TDN – Letter To The Editor: Breeders Need To ‘Look Within’ As Well

This Mess We’re In

“Turf Paradise LLP is working toward the purchase of Turf Paradise race course,” the statement read. “We plan to keep live racing, to bring this facility into a new era — horse racing for the benefit of everyone involved. We feel the preservation of such a wonderfully historical facility and the preservation of thousands of jobs that horse racing offers can carry the legacy of Turf Paradise on for another 50 years. We plan to completely redevelop surrounding land, all for the benefit of horse racing. We look forward to a new bright future for everyone at Turf Paradise.”

Paulick Report – Ray Paulick – Potential New Buyer Of Turf Paradise Emerges, Sets Lofty Goal; OTBs To Remain Open Through Nov. 12

Bloodhorse – Byron King – Reopening of Turf Paradise Tied to Potential Sale

Phil has a question:

Is there any city more appropriate for a track to rise from the ashes.


Bloodhorse – Eric Mitchell – Arizona Horsemen Say Turf Paradise Will Race in January

TDN – Turf Paradise’s Simulcast Extended, Plans To Card Races In Early January

A book exists at the intersection of the author’s subconscious and the reader’s response.

William Gibson


Becoming the Beatles

Thursday, October 12th, 2023 – 7:30 PM
 Medicine Hat, Alberta – Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre

Friday, October 13th, 2023 – 7:30 PM
 Camrose, Alberta – Jeanne & Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre

Saturday, October 14th, 2023 – 7:30 PM
​Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta – Shell Theatre

Wall Street Journal – Maryjean Wall – The Horse That Birthed the Beatles

Bloodhorse – Byron King – $1.7M Earner Somelikeithotbrown Retired Due to Injury

Phil tips his hat to the horse and the person who gave it one of the best names Phil’s ever seen.

Kentucky Hot Brown

TSN – Lions add former 49ers QB Kaepernick to negotiation list

SportsNet – Bassitt’s career night puts Blue Jays on cusp of post-season berth


Paulick Report – Natalie Voss – How One Thoroughbred Horse Show May Be Helping The Equine Veterinary Shortage

The Ringer – Miles Surrey – ‘The Creator’ Is Worth More Than Its Middling Story

Southern Living – Ever Wondered How Southern You Actually Are? Take Our Quiz To Find Out

Front Office Sports – Taylor Swift Shaking Up Travis Kelce, Chiefs Prop Betting Market

Los Angeles Times – Christi Karras and Chuck Schilken – Traylor? Tayvis? Our reporters discuss the merits of the Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce era in pop culture

The Score – Report: Blazers declined Lillard’s request to return if Heat move failed

Bloodhorse – Eric Mitchell – Into Mischief’s 2024 Stud Fee Holds Steady at $250,000

TDN – Secretariat Exhibition To Visit Woodbine Racetrack And Keeneland Race Course In October

Canadian Thoroughbred – A Tremendous Machine Exhibit Comes to Woodbine Oct. 5

Bloodhorse – Lenny Shulman – Woodward Stakes Try Doesn’t Work out for Secretariat

TDN – Horse Racing Women’s Summit Offers Annual Membership

Bloodhorse – Frank Angst – Kentucky Committee Hearing Outlines Racing Industry

FiveThirtyEight – Holly Fuong, Aaron Bycoffe, Humera Lodhi and Nathaniel Rakich – Who Won The Second Republican Debate?

Phil has an answer:

Anyone who didn’t watch it.

SportsNet – Mike Koreen – How the Blue Jays can clinch a playoff spot: Magic number on Mariners is three

Fool In The Rain

TSN – CP – Blue Jays look to end scoring drought, move closer to securing a playoff berth

SportsNet – Shi Davidi – Cole’s shutout a preview of tough pitching that looms in post-season for Blue Jays

Phil has a question:

What good is a preview if the Jays don’t make the playoffs.

Do the Jays keep losing so they can listen to

Keep Me Hanging On

ESPN – Jesse Rogers – Braves’ Ronald Acuña Jr. becomes founding member of 40-70 club

Pleasure of Love


When all is said and done, more is said than done. 

Lou Holtz

Los Angeles Times – Stephanie Yang and David Shen – Young Chinese adults can’t find work. Now many have a new job description: ‘Full-time children’

Southern Living – Kaitlyn Yarborough – What Your Favorite Southern Seasoning Says About You

Phil has a question:

What does making your own seasonings say about you.

Bloodhorse – Byron King – Four Asmussen Horses at Santa Anita for Breeders’ Cup

Paulick Report – Victor Ryan – Breeders’ Cup-Bound Tamara Back On Work Tab; Beholder’s Daughter To Make Two-Turn Debut In Juvenile Fillies

Paulick Report – Mike Willman – Santa Anita To Reward Grooms Each Day With ‘Best Turned Out’ Program, Presented By Avion Law

Some very considerable part of the gestural language of public places that had once belonged to cigarettes now belonged to phones.

William Gibson

Leather Jacket

Front Office Sports – Arlington Heights Looks To Break Stadium Logjam With Bears

TDN – HISA Submits Proposed Enforcement and Registration Rules Changes to FTC

TDN – T.D. Thornton – HISA Arbitrator Wipes Out 2-year Suspension for 76-year-old trainer in Isoxsuprine Contamination Case

TDN – Kentucky Derby Winner Mage to Stand at Airdrie Upon Retirement

ESPN – Sources: Blazers trading Damian Lillard to Bucks in 3-team deal

Under Pressure

Under Pressure

Under Pressure

The Score – Joseph Casciaro, Joe Wolfond – Where the Lillard trade leaves Bucks, Blazers, and Suns

The Ringer – The Damian Lillard Trade Roundtable

Sports Illustrated – Chris Mannix – With Damian Lillard Trade, Bucks Masterfully Answer Giannis’s Call to Win Now

The Ringer – Kevin O’Connor – The Heat Didn’t Panic for Dame. Maybe They Should Have.

High Hopes

The Ringer – Michael Pina – How the Dame Deal Affects the Bucks, the NBA Title Race, and the Jrue Holiday Derby to Come

The Ringer – Zach Kram – The Damian Lillard Trade Changes Everything for the Milwaukee Bucks

Phil has a question:

Do the Bucks have enough bucks.

If ignorance were enough to make things not exist, the world would be more like a lot of people think it is. But it’s not.

William Gibson

ABC538 – Republican debate highlights and analysis: Candidates squabble in Simi Valley

If you burn your neighbors house down, it doesn’t make your house look any better.

Lou Holtz

Los Angeles Times – Tyler R. Tynes – The gospel according to Deion Sanders: Coach Prime woos fans and overhauls Colorado

Front Office Sports – Michael McCarthy – Taylor Swift NFL Hype Likely To Continue Another Week

Phil has a question:

Do the other Chiefs ask Kelce for concert tickets.

The Ringer – Alan Seigel – Nothing Is Better Than This: The Oral History of ‘Stop Making Sense’

Once In A Lifetime

Courage is grace under pressure.

Ernest Hemingway

Sportsnet – Heat’s Jimmy Butler accuses Bucks of tampering after Lillard trade news breaks

Phil has a question:

Could that fucking overpaid under producing Jimmy Butler either make a direct accusation or shut the fuck up.

Bloodhorse – ANZ Bloodstock News – Tim Rowe – Coolmore Buys Iconic Australian Strawberry Hill Stud

Strawberry Fields Forever

ESPN – Horse racing groups introduce competing safety legislation they hope will replace HISA

Paulick Report – Louisiana Congressman Introduces Legislation To Replace HISA

Times Like These

“NAGA’s members were huge Redskin fans precisely because they were the Redskins,” the lawsuit says. “It was the only team in the NFL to honor an actual Native American. They were proud to watch professional football players engage in a different kind of battle, with the stoic face of Chief White Calf on their helmets.”

It goes on to blame Washington Commanders owner Josh Harris for “erasing” the heritage. The suit also purports that a Commanders employee defamed the organization by referring to it as a “fake” group while in conversation with a former luxury box owner.

Newsweek – Nick Mordowanec – Washington Commanders Accused of Defaming Native Americans in Name Fight

Burning Down The House

TDN – Dan Ross and Jill Williams – ‘Very Positive’ Fasig-Tipton California Sale Topped by $250K Vronsky Colt

Sports Illustrated – Madison Williams – Colin Kaepernick Wrote a Letter Asking Jets to Join Their Practice Squad

SportsNet – Shi  Davidi – Spoiler Alert: Yankees interrupt Blue Jays’ impressive run

The Score – AP – Mariners snap 4-game losing streak, beat Astros to stay in wild-card hunt

Garden and Gun – Caroline Sanders Clements – Six Retro Cartoon Characters Who Were (Probably) Definitely Southern

Southern Living – Betsy Cribb Watson – Old-Fashioned Entertaining Moves That Are Making Your Parties Feel Dated

Phil M Stockmen

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