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Bloodhorse – Byron King – Balance Between CAW, Retail Market Sought in California

Blame Brett

You can’t grow long-term if you can’t eat short-term. Anybody can manage short. Anybody can manage long. Balancing those two things is what management is. 

Jack Welch

Sports Illustrated – Chris Mannix – JJ Redick Won’t Help the Lakers Win a Title Even if He’s a Great Coach

The team with the best players wins.

Jack Welch

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Jay Hovdey – ‘Horses never kid … they always tell the truth’ – when legendary filmmaker Fred Zinnemann tried his hand at racing

“We understand the delay in an auction is a disappointment for our applicant and members ofthe public, but the change in timing is the prudent decision for the Trust,” the land department said. “ASLD remains open to working with our applicant to bring the land forward to auction in the future if a special use permit is received.”

Front Office Sports – A.J. Perez – Arizona Cancels Auction For Land Coyotes Owner Sought For New Team

Hockey Feed – Jonathan Larivee – Former NHL player destroys Coyotes owner Alex Meruelo.

Phil has a question:

Does anyone think that Meruelo’s going to spend time and MONEY applying for a special use permit when he can take the NHL’s money and run.

How much profit did Meruelo make when he was running the Coyotes into the ground.

Anvil Chorus

Sometimes Phil just gotta succumb to the Urge.

The Athletic – Richard Deitsch – For Charles Barkley, save this prediction: He loves this too much to retire

The Ringer – Bryan Curtis – JJ Redick’s Media Studies

ESPN – Adrian Wojnarowski – Sources: Lakers hiring JJ Redick to four-year deal to coach team

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Sometimes Phil just gotta succumb to the Urge.

Sports Illustrated – Mike McDaniel – Jeanie Buss Was ‘Genuinely Disappointed’ Lakers Failed to Land Dan Hurley

The Ringer – Danny Chau – Who’s Taking the Bigger Risk: JJ Redick or the Lakers?

The team with the best players wins.

Jack Welch

The Adversary

Several players have said they consider Mazzulla “crazy,” but his tactics didn’t bother them. They seemed to love them. For as much as the key Celtics players had accomplished earlier in their careers, they needed someone to push them past their previous limits.

The Athletic – Jay King – How Joe Mazzulla molded the Celtics in his image to lead them to an NBA title

Lunatic Fringe

SportsNet – How Armstrong’s work with Indigenous youth honours her legendary grandfather

Phil has a question:

If George was playing today could you call him Chief.

The Hockey News – Sammi Silber – Why Did Capitals Buy CapFriendly? New Report Offers More Insight & Explanation For Why Site Can’t Remain Public

Phil has a question:

Did the Capitals trade for Pierre Luc Dubois to see how the buy-out function works on their new toy.

Sports Business Journal – Report: Boyd Gaming shows interest in Penn Entertainment acquisition

Front Office Sports – Margaret Fleming – Monty Williams Is Out of a Job, but He’ll Get $65 Million in Severance

The team with the best players wins.

Jack Welch

Bloodhorse – Amplify Horse Racing – Annise Montplaisir – Connecting Youth to Thoroughbred Racing

Paulick Report – Montplaisir: Connecting Youth To The Joy Of Thoroughbred Racing

The Ringer – Michael Weinreb – Willie Mays Brought Us Together by Being Himself

The Ringer – Rany Jazayerli – Willie Mays Was the Greatest Baseball Player Who Ever Lived

Sports Business Journal – Baseball legend Willie Mays dies at age 93

Sports Illustrated – Tom Verducci – Willie Mays Brought Unrivaled Style to America’s Stuffy Pastime


Sports Business Journal – Joe Lemire – Rickwood Field: Field of Forgotten — And Renewed — Dreams

TDN – Purses and Breeders’ Incentives in Alberta Get a Boost

Paulick Report – Horse Racing Alberta Increases Purse Allocation, Breed Improvement Program Funding

I would my horse had the speed of your tongue.

William Shakespeare

Southern Living – Meghan Overdeep – Charles Barkley Announces Retirement From Broadcasting

ESPN – Charles Barkley says he’s retiring from TV after 2024-25

Front Office Sports – Edgar Walker – Charles Barkley Announces Retirement From Television

Phil has a question:

How will Charles survive without being in the limelight.

It is also hard to see Barkley go because — what is he going to do? The man is a talker. He cuts through because he is the same on the air as he is off and treats his former best friend Michael Jordan just as he would you or I. That is the secret sauce of Barkley — there is sincerity without a filter. He will seemingly talk whenever to whomever and whatever.

Just last month, on ESPN Cleveland, he said he was open for business to talk about other offers. Now, he says he has changed his mind.

Maybe Barkley goes, but he is still going to be talking. Hard to see why he wouldn’t want to continue to make some more millions.

The Athletic – Andrew Marchand – Charles Barkley says he’s retiring, but this story doesn’t feel over

River Deep Mountain High

If all our agents would abridge their speeches one half, I am satisfied the effect produced would be much greater. The ‘art of leaving off’ at the right time, and in the right place, is one of the most difficult things to learn. 

William Lloyd Garrison

Nowhere Special


The Raven

Comfortably Numb

The importance that our society attaches to sport is incredible. After all, is football a game or a religion? The people of this country have allowed sports to get completely out of hand.

Howard Cosell

The Ringer – Lex Pryor – The Lakers Shot for the Stars and Landed in a Black Hole

The Ringer – Howard Beck – Jerry West and the Burden of Being the Logo

Esquire – Jason Diamond – The Lost Art of Buying a Round for the Bar

Times-Union – John R. Velazquez – Commentary: Horse racing industry is working hard to improve safety — and it’s succeeding

Paulick Report – Erin O’Keefe: From Our Mims to Mims Eppi, How Long Can The Thoroughbred Industry Survive Itself?

The Ringer – Seerat Sohi – The Tao of Joe Mazzulla

If they think we’ve got an edge, we’ve got an edge.

Red Auerbach

SportsNet – Luke Fox – Q&A: Oilers ‘secret weapon’ George Mumford on McDavid, Jordan

Little Lion Man

Sometimes Phil just has to succumb to the Urge.

Front Office Sports – Amanda Christovich – The Many Beneficiaries of Dan Hurley’s UConn Career Crisis

CTV News – Chelan Skulski – Sports betting: Alberta looking at Ontario’s privatized model

Phil has a suggestion:

When gaming is privatized how about 1 machine in each VLT establishment that takes wagers from all the online operators and allows cash deposits and withdrawals on the spot.

Phil has a question:

What about bricks n mortar sports-books at casinos and RECs.

Mr. Fillip finished third in Friday’s 5 horse Western Canada Handicap  and Belle Epoque was a steward’s scratch in Friday’s Chariot Chaser Handicap. Robertino Diodoro showing as trainer means that Alberta is not reciprocally honouring the HISA / HIWU provisional suspension or Horse Racing Alberta is just too fucking stupid to care.

A rather small field for one of the Canadian Derby preps does not bode well for thoroughbred racing in Alberta.

Far worse was the brutally paltry $461,566.00 handle for 9 races on a Friday evening with no NHL  or NBA playoffs. On Wednesday June 5, 2024 the handle for a 7 race card at Assiniboia Downs reached $1,523,293.00, over $1 MILLION more than Century.

Phil has a question:

What is Assiniboia doing better.

Phil has an answer:

The competence of the people running the show in Assiniboia Downs compared to the road kill we have in Alberta at Horse Racing Alberta and Century Mile.

With Horse Racing Alberta wasting taxpayers’ dollars the UCP should be paying attention, but they’re too busy making sure Tory cronies like Alison Redford get their pensions topped up.

Phil heard a rumour that they’re going to change the license plates in Alberta from Wildrose Country to the Land Of Nepotism and Cronyism.

National Post – Canadian billionaire Frank Stronach arrested on multiple sexual assault charges: Peel police

Sports Illustrated – Mike McDaniel – SI Studios to Release Documentary on Life of Famed Female Jockey Julie Krone

Paulick Report – Sports Illustrated To Produce Julie Krone Documentary

Bloodhorse – Sean Collins – MyRacehorse More Popular Than Ever Following Preakness

Sports Business Journal – Bill King: Players betting on their sport was inevitable

Front Office Sports – Lifetime Ban Is More Proof of Sports’ Complicated Betting Relationship

Sports Illustrated – Tom Dierberger – Man Charged for Involvement With Jontay Porter Sports Betting Scandal

SportsNet – AP – Padres’ Marcano banned for life for baseball betting

ESPN – Alden Gonzalez – Ippei Mizuhara, ex-interpreter for Shohei Ohtani, pleads guilty

Phil has a question:

How did he steal that much money without the bank and agents noticing.

SportsNet – AP – Ippei Mizuhara, ex-interpreter for Shohei Ohtani, expected to enter guilty plea

Paulick Report – HISA To Defer Provisional Suspensions For Metformin, Pursue Scientific Review

Bloodhorse – Eric Mitchell – Trainer: Vet’s List Rule Could ‘Destroy’ Fair Grounds

Paulick Report – Natalie Voss – CDI To Louisiana Commission: Rescind The Med Rules Or We Could Cancel Louisiana Derby

TDN – Louisiana Horses Will Go On the Vets’ List When They Ship Out

TDN – Bill Finley – Louisiana Racing Commission Switches Course, Goes Back to ARCI Guidelines on Clenbuterol and Depo-Medrol

Paulick Report – At Emergency Meeting, Louisiana Commissioners Vote To Walk Back Changes To Regs On Clenbuterol, Depo-Medrol

TDN – LA State Racing Commission To Hold Emergency Meeting June 4

Bloodhorse – Frank Angst and Byron King – A Look at Consequences of Louisiana Drug Rule Changes

Bloodhorse – Industry Voices: Louisiana, Don’t Geaux Back!

TDN – Bill Finley and Dan Ross – Louisiana Racing Commission Says New Rules Will Make the Sport Safer, Other Veterinary Experts Say the Opposite Will Happen

Paulick Report – Andrew Cohen – Keeping Pace: Louisiana’s Scary Gamble Will Hurt Racehorses And Honest Trainers

TDN – Tim Wilkin – Seize the Grey Works; Lukas Expects Preakness Winner Will Be Ignored in Belmont

TDN – Sue Finley – `Concerned’ and `Embarrassed’: Ship-In Trainers React to Louisiana Medication Rules Changes

TDN – Bill Finley – LA Racing Commission to Loosen Drug Regulations, including on Clenbuterol

Phil has a question:

What happened to The Louisiana Racing Commission that brought Maxwell’s Silver Hammer down on the Tracy brothers.

TDN – Bet365 To Go Live With Fixed-Odds Wagering In New Jersey, Colorado

TDN – T.D. Thornton – The Week in Review: Improbable Headlines Fueled by Winds of Change

Thoroughbred Racing Commentary – Brent Thomson: If animal rights groups had their way, there wouldn’t be any racing

Paulick Report – A Rising Star: Jockey Kazushi Kimura Stars In New Mini-Documentary

Los Angeles Times – Lorraine Ali – The jury has spoken. What happens next will be a great test of American democracy

The Conversation – Eugene Chan and Ali Gohary – Trump found guilty in hush money trial, but will it hurt him in the polls? Here’s why voters often overlook the ethical failings

TDN – T.D. Thornton – PHBPA: ‘Cannibalization’ of Slot Revenue ‘Destroying’ Horse Biz Development Model

Front Office Sports – Alex Schiffer – Mets Owner Steve Cohen’s Parking-Lot Casino Hopes Are Dying

TDN – Emma Berry – Nevin Truesdale: ‘Racing Must Adapt to the World Around Us’ 

The Conversation – Francis Dupuis-Deri – The intersectionality of hate helps us understand the ideology of Donald Trump and the far right

Paulick Report – Andres Cohen – Keeping Pace: Crime And Punishment And Contamination Positives

Campaigned by the partnership of Arnold Bennewith, Randy Howg, Lana Wiest, R6 Stables, Gary Kroop, and Norman Tremblay, Heroic Move is trained by Robertino Diodoro,

Bloodhorse – Diodoro-Trained Heroic Move Wins Steve Sexton Mile

Horse Racing Nation – Lone Star Park: Heroic Move makes just that in Sexton Mile

Paulick Report – Heroic Move Makes The Grade In Lone Star’s Steve Sexton Mile

Phil M Stockmen

  One Response to “Phil’s Sundre News: Balance Between CAW, Retail Market Sought in California”


    The first month of thoroughbred racing staggered out of the gate with the usual short fields / races, weather woes and poor track maintenance.

    CENTURY MILE thoroughbred handle per CPMA numbers showed a paltry 327k /24 versus 534k/23, a shocking 40% decline,I guess the 700k in HRA marketing promoting racing is money ill spent.

    CENTURY Financials show 25 million per quarter in 15 m in sale/lease back obligations and 10 m for long-term debt payments thus a 1 BILLION DOLLAR DEBT US that will lead to some major restructuring in the near future, CANADIAN obligations are unmanageable c17.3 million/yr for next 15 years.

    HRA BOARD EXPENSES have not been updated since last September 2023, did Clark Kent go to Tucson in December to examine industry innovations.

    HRA KEYSTONE COP AWARD should achieve 10k in fines for both breeds, 39 thoroughbred rulings 108 (23)by RAD stewards for 4.1k with majority for misuse of the whips or some lip. Harness rulings 20 ,118(23) by the HAG judges 2.6k,majority for no coggins,slow quarters. HRA harness ruling #18, still has not been removed, even after tragic death of a racing participant. The total lack of compassion and disrespect by HRA, is unimaginable!

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